F300 4.2 V6 OFFSHORE 500 Bandit Supercharger

17,490 USD

Do you want to upgrade the performance of your F300 and leave everyone in your wake?

Well you need to meet the Nizpro 500 Bandit Supercharger which will turn your Yamaha 4.2 V6 300 OFFSHORE into a 500hp Beast!! You will feel and see the incredible increase in power, performance and fuel efficiency with minimal weight gain. Your Supercharged F300 engine will now safely produce 500hp, with a Nizpro Performance rev Limiter set at 6,600rpm and have 41% more torque than a stock Yamaha F300 V6!   Minimum Fuel requirement - US MON 93 Octane / AUS RON 98 Octane

F300 4.2 V6 OFFSHORE 500 Bandit Supercharger

USD $17,490.00

Nizpro 500 Bandit Supercharger Kit

Available on back-order

Here is the Nizpro Recipe:

Activate “Beast Mode” on your rig with this easy recipe:

  • Add 1 * Nizpro 500 Bandit ECU Flash
  • Add 1 * Nizpro 500 Bandit Supercharger kit
  • Get your boat to the water and prepare to have your mind blown… (now that your engine is also!!)

Minimum Fuel requirement – US MON 93 Octane / AUS RON 98 Octane


Described in a boat test article as both spellbinding and brilliant,  the Nizpro Supercharger for Yamaha V6 will transform your rig.
With its quiet, brutal performance, powerful acceleration and improved fuel efficiency at normal cruising speeds, you need to think of it as having the torque of a diesel and the responsiveness of a petrol engine, and it all weighs in at over 150kg lighter than Yamaha’s 425hp petrol V8.

A Nizpro Supercharged engine is ideally suited to use in boats looking for range, the ability to haul heavy loads, and ease of operation for prolonged periods of time.

It delivers real world punch at usable revs and will drink only as it needs, and it is pretty miserly considering the performance you get.

It is also quieter, by virtue of not having to work anywhere near as hard to get you where you want to go.


What about Value for Money?

Compared to running twin 300hp Yamaha V6 outboards, the Nizpro Marine Supercharged Yamaha is over 200kg lighter with no additional drag through water and has no additional ongoing 2nd motor service costs!

Easy to install in approx. 4-5 hours, your Nizpro Supercharger Kit comes complete with comprehensive step by step instructions with no additional parts or fabrication required. Do it yourself OR have your marine technician do it for you!

Please note that all NIZPRO ECU Flashing Software is ONLY compatible with Windows Computers.

The Supercharger includes a Nizpro ECU flash kit to Repower your ECU.


  • Power increased to 500hp
  • 41% improved torque over stock Yamaha F300 – From Yamaha 315.6FtLb @ 4,350 RPM to Nizpro 444.2 FtLb @ 4300 RPM
  • Nizpro Performance 6600 rpm Rev Limiter
  • Improved general use fuel economy
  • OEM Eaton TVS 1900 Supercharger rotating assembly
  • Nizpro engine cowl with cooling specifically designed for Supercharging
  • Engineered & packaged for plug and play fitment.
  • Exclusive 12 months Nizpro Supercharger warranty


Supercharger Kit includes:

  • Nizpro ECU Flash Kit including  500 Bandit ECU Licence key
  • Nizpro USB preloaded with Full Instructions
  • Nizpro Supercharger kit with all fittings and fixings
  • Nizpro 500 Bandit Air intake
  • Full Supercharger predelivery
  • Nizpro 500 Bandit Decal set
  • Easy access engine flush point
  • Nizpro “I’ve Been Blown Down Under” T-Shirt
  • Nizpro 500 Bandit Intercooler drain kit – OPTIONAL  (only applicable to extreme Cold Climate usage)

Suitable for Yamaha F300 4.2 V6 OFFSHORE          2010  to Current model.