F300 5.3L V8
2007 – 2009

USD $2,299.00USD $4,799.00

Why purchase a Nizpro Marine Performance Repower?

It's all about optimising performance.

The Nizpro Marine Performance Repower is both a cost and time effective way of turning your engine into a 425hp monster: improving hole shot, speed and fuel economy with up to a 9.86% average fuel saving across the entire throttle range.

A Nizpro Marine Performance Repower is about optimising the performance of your engine.

Use the DIY Repower Kit to easily flash your ECU! Upgrading to a Nizpro Marine Performance Repower, your Yamaha V8 300hp OFFSHORE will make 425hp with a Nizpro Performance 6,600rpm Rev limiter and extra torque to get your boat up and out of the water faster!

Increased Power, Improved Economy & Reliability? It’s all true!

Testing: We have rigorously tested the Nizpro Marine V8 425HO Performance Repower on a standard Yamaha V8 300hp OFFSHORE engine utilizing the Nizpro Marine Endurance Test on our inhouse dyno cell. The engine passed with no adverse effects*.

That same engine has also been extensively water tested for 250+ hours to further validate the dyno results. These tests underpin the performance of the hundreds of engines currently in market using the Nizpro Marine 425HO Performance Repower & are undertaken to ensure complete confidence in the Nizpro Marine 425HO Performance Repower.

*Performance Caveat: Engine must run on Minimum 89–90 USA grade / 95-98 AUS grade Octane fuel & have adhered to recommended Yamaha service intervals. 

Additional Tunes available from $1250USD

Please note that all NIZPRO ECU Flashing Software is ONLY compatible with Windows Computers.

Suitable for Yamaha V8 OFFSHORE F300         2007  to 2009


• Power increase to 425 hp
32% Torque increase up to 405Ftlbs
• Nizpro 6600rpm Performance Rev Limiter
• Improved fuel economy with up to an average saving of 9.86% across the throttle range


DIY Kit includes

  • ECU Flash Interface & USB Cable
  • OFFSHORE Flash Harness
  • 12V Power Cable
  • AC Power supply
  • 2 x Nizpro 425HO Decals
  • 1 x Nizpro 425HO Performance Repower
  • Exclusive Nizpro Cap
  • Nizpro USB preloaded with Instructions